Croob - Ballynahinch connectivity Tuesday 11th February 2020 11:57:00

The Croob POP is down. Monitoring shows it was actually intermittent overnight (starting around 01:57) and went fully offline around 09:57 this morning. Damage due to the recent storm is suspected at present. Engineers are on their way and we will update as soon as they have assesed the situation.

NIE was finally able to access the site of the fault and it is now repaired. This service is no longer at risk and this issue is being closed.

NIE as yet have still been unable to reach the fault. Generator still in use to provide facility. This service should still be considered "at risk".

This is a power outage issue. Due to the weather though NIE have been unable to get to the fault. A generator has been brought up to provide power. The POP is now back online and we will provide further updates as they happen.

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